Faith + Art

Faith + Art

4 Seasons

Makoto Fujimura and friends discuss the way art interacts and is born out of faith. This series is a wonderful resource for any classroom or audience of creators, communicators and storytellers.

Faith + Art
  • Creation

    Episode 1

    Join Makoto Fujimura in the classroom as we begin our journey of Theology of Making. “In the beginning, God created (Genesis 1:1). It is one of the large themes of my new book to see the redemptive act of God, the ultimate act of Christ’s sacrifice at the cross of Calvary, through the lens of cre...

  • Nihonga

    Episode 2

    Mako Fujimura talks about the Japanese style of painting known as Nihonga. Drawing the connection between the elements of his art (crushed minerals, the investment of time) and the culture of Japan, Mako takes us on a journey inside the mind and spirit of the Artist.

  • Creation Reflection

    Episode 3

    Mako, Dr. Curt Thompson, and Pete Candler reflect on the concept of Creation.

  • From Creation to Fall: Honey Bees

    Episode 4

    Artists are the pollinators of our cultural ecosystems. If we value creation we must learn to value the artists who go to the margins to return to us their findings.