Faith + Art: Fall

Faith + Art: Fall

...the Lord God sent him out from the garden...
Genesis 3:23

Faith + Art: Fall
  • Fall

    Join Makoto Fujimura in the classroom as we continue our journey of Theology of Making.

  • Ground Zero

    We live in a fallen world in which every good, true and beautiful reality is quickly idolized to something selfish, greedy and destructive. Christ came to redeem this path to self-destruction by taking on all of our “pride of the flesh” on the Cross. Christ is the God of Ground Zero. “Ground Zero...

  • Fall Reflection

    Mako reflects on the concept of the Fall.

  • From Fall to Redemption: Holy Saturday

    Between crucifixion and resurrection lies Holy Saturday. Ground Zero moments produce Holy Saturday meditations, requiring of us faith that after the fall there will be new creation. Holy Saturday is where we await the redemption and new creation promised to us.