Faith + Work

Faith + Work

Windrider created and curated the Faith, Work and Economics series to offer a unique and important perspective on the way work provides human flourishing.

Faith + Work
  • Behind the Business

    After pursuing a life of vocational ministry, Mark realizes his greatest impact and influence will be through his role as a marketing firm owner rather than a traditional pastor.

  • Big Red

    Welder, personal trainer, and father: Big Red shows the hustle and grind of a man working his way out of bankruptcy and into his first home.

  • Chief B

    RaShall Brackney is the first female African-American Chief of Police in Charlottesville, Virginia, where her mission is to bring faith-filled justice into a historically divided community.

  • Distilled

    An apple orchard/brewery becomes a sanctuary for work and Covid relief through hand sanitizer and job opportunities.

  • Forged

    In a world of automation and routine, Forged highlights how mentorship and trust at a gear manufacturing company allow workers to realize their fullest potential on and off the job.

  • Gaps

    Gaps follows Jesse, a landscape gardener whose work goes well beyond digging, planting and weeding, to meet the needs of her company and customers.

  • Glean

    A woman in Virginia has committed her company to commercial cleaning and job creation.

  • Golden Age

    Golden Age follows the life and journey to healing of Bolivian-born industrial engineer Abe Camacho, who finds new life after re-entering the workforce following retirement.

  • Just A Florist

    One woman impacts people’s lives and milestone moments with her seemingly minor job at a flower shop.

  • Love Made Visible

    A Marketing Manager who struggled to find employment is now empowering others by creating hiring tools through her work at LinkedIn.

  • Rebuilt

    A former coal miner’s faith is renewed and rebuilt, prompting him to start his own business as a roofing contractor in Bluefield, West Virginia.

  • Redefined

    Koby Alegria is given a second chance working at a NAPA Auto Parts store after spending his teens in and out of rehab and hitting rock bottom at 18 years old.

  • R.O.I.

    Raimore Construction offers opportunity to a diverse group of hard workers.

  • Seng the Plumber

    Hidden work is nothing new to Seng Blong Vang, a refugee Hmong plumber whose undervalued and underappreciated profession keeps cities, homes, and businesses running.

  • Still Waters

    Tony Igwe, a Nigerian-American civil engineer, uses his extensive skill and expertise to support the unseen infrastructure of water treatment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

  • The Lotus

    After losing his job, Hector Ortega turns an undiscovered gift into a successful business impacting his family and community.

  • The Ox

    The Ox is a portrait of master woodworker Eric Hollenbeck, highlighting his skilled work and the lives of young people who are being transformed and impacted by his art form.

  • Tiny But Mighty

    Deafness does not define Carla Sarli, a retail Assistant Manager, whose work in Blue Island, Illinois serves and supplies her community.