Faith + Art: New Creation

Faith + Art: New Creation

He is not here, for he has risen...
Matthew 28:6

Faith + Art: New Creation
  • New Creation

    “When we make, we tap into the generative possibility that flows out of Genesis 1, and encounter the Spirit’s reality to manifest in our brokenness; we also realize that even shattered vessels can, under the Master’s illumination, lead to new creation. A creative journey allows for exploration of...

  • Columbine

    The columbine flower was the early church's symbol for the Holy Spirit. The delicate flowers symbolize perfectly the fragility of lives, so young, haunted by the encroaching darkness of violence. Linking with the concept of Kintsugi, Mako discusses how a wounded culture can wrestle with ground ze...

  • New Creation Reflection

    Pete Candler and Dr. Curt Thompson reflect on the concept of New Creation.