Windrider Summit

At the Windrider Summit, students, professors, industry professionals, and ministry leaders attend the Sundance Film Festival to experience the transformative power of story in community. Windrider brings a distinctively spiritual and theological lens to film to explore some of the most important topics in our culture.

  • Introduction from Tabitha Jackson

  • Ben Proudfoot, 2022 Spirit of Windrider

    Sponsored by the Moriah Group, Dale Brown presents the Spirit of Windrider Award to Ben Proudfoot and his two most recent films: A Concerto is a Conversation and The Queen of Basketball.

  • 2022 Windrider Summit

    9 items

    In 2022, the Windrider Summit & The Sundance Film Festival went fully virtual, yet again. Windrider worked hard and provided a highly interactive virtual experience, full of meaningful films and conversations. With Sundance’s quick shift to a completely virtual festival, Windrider was thrilled to...

  • 2021 Windrider Summit

    26 items

    In 2021, the Windrider Forum and Sundance Film Festival went virtual. Windrider had an unprecedented opportunity to shape a cultural conversation around the most important issues of our day. As a Sundance Partner, Windrider acted as a vibrant hub and curated a customized slate of Sundance films a...

  • The Windrider Summit

    Learn more about the Windrider Summit & The Sundance Film Festival Experience!
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  • The Originals


    Watch the full film: Jonathan Cipiti, Creative Director of the Windrider Institute, sits down with the winners of the CT Creative Storytelling Award: Cristina Costantini, Alfie Koetter, and their daughter Peggy!