Explore More Windrider Films!

Explore More Windrider Films!

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Explore More Windrider Films!
  • Gaps

    Gaps follows Jesse, a landscape gardener whose work goes well beyond digging, planting and weeding, to meet the needs of her company and customers.

  • Golden Age

    Golden Age follows the life and journey to healing of Bolivian-born industrial engineer Abe Camacho, who finds new life after re-entering the workforce following retirement.

  • Just A Florist

    One woman impacts people’s lives and milestone moments with her seemingly minor job at a flower shop.

  • Love Made Visible

    A Marketing Manager who struggled to find employment is now empowering others by creating hiring tools through her work at LinkedIn.

  • Rebuilt

    A former coal miner’s faith is renewed and rebuilt, prompting him to start his own business as a roofing contractor in Bluefield, West Virginia.

  • Redefined

    Koby Alegria is given a second chance working at a NAPA Auto Parts store after spending his teens in and out of rehab and hitting rock bottom at 18 years old.

  • Seng the Plumber

    Hidden work is nothing new to Seng Blong Vang, a refugee Hmong plumber whose undervalued and underappreciated profession keeps cities, homes, and businesses running.

  • Still Waters

    Tony Igwe, a Nigerian-American civil engineer, uses his extensive skill and expertise to support the unseen infrastructure of water treatment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

  • The Lotus

    After losing his job, Hector Ortega turns an undiscovered gift into a successful business impacting his family and community.

  • The Ox

    The Ox is a portrait of master woodworker Eric Hollenbeck, highlighting his skilled work and the lives of young people who are being transformed and impacted by his art form.

  • Tiny But Mighty

    Deafness does not define Carla Sarli, a retail Assistant Manager, whose work in Blue Island, Illinois serves and supplies her community.

  • Distilled

    An apple orchard/brewery becomes a sanctuary for work and Covid relief through hand sanitizer and job opportunities.

  • Glean

    A woman in Virginia has committed her company to commercial cleaning and job creation.

  • R.O.I.

    Raimore Construction offers opportunity to a diverse group of hard workers.

  • Creation

    Join Makoto Fujimura in the classroom as we begin our journey of Theology of Making. “In the beginning, God created (Genesis 1:1). It is one of the large themes of my new book to see the redemptive act of God, the ultimate act of Christ’s sacrifice at the cross of Calvary, through the lens of cre...

  • Nihonga

    Mako Fujimura talks about the Japanese style of painting known as Nihonga. Drawing the connection between the elements of his art (crushed minerals, the investment of time) and the culture of Japan, Mako takes us on a journey inside the mind and spirit of the Artist.

  • Creation Reflection

    Mako, Dr. Curt Thompson, and Pete Candler reflect on the concept of Creation.

  • From Creation to Fall: Honey Bees

    Artists are the pollinators of our cultural ecosystems. If we value creation we must learn to value the artists who go to the margins to return to us their findings.

  • Fall

    Join Makoto Fujimura in the classroom as we continue our journey of Theology of Making.

  • Ground Zero

    We live in a fallen world in which every good, true and beautiful reality is quickly idolized to something selfish, greedy and destructive. Christ came to redeem this path to self-destruction by taking on all of our “pride of the flesh” on the Cross. Christ is the God of Ground Zero. “Ground Zero...

  • Fall Reflection

    Mako reflects on the concept of the Fall.

  • From Fall to Redemption: Holy Saturday

    Between crucifixion and resurrection lies Holy Saturday. Ground Zero moments produce Holy Saturday meditations, requiring of us faith that after the fall there will be new creation. Holy Saturday is where we await the redemption and new creation promised to us.

  • Redemption

    “Many will assume that the word ‘redemption’ includes this invitation to co-create into the future. But often, the term ‘redemption’ is understood as our return to a perfected state, rather than the new. There has been much theology written on redemptive purposes for salvation, purposeful goals, ...

  • Kintsugi

    When precious tea bowls break, the families of Japanese tea masters will often keep the broken bowls for generations and later have them mended by artisans who use a lavish technique known as Kintsugi. The Japanese word Kin means “gold,” and Tsugi means “mend,” and a bowl mended with gold is more...